Service Cost
Manicure Sit back, relax and let our nail technicians strengthen and beautify your nails. Manicures include: Shaping, Excess Cuticle Removal and Expert Polishing $22-$34
Shellac Manicure Our Shellac Manicures include the same pampering services our traditional manicure offers with the added staying power of shellac polish. $37
Shellac Manicure Pink and White $42
Spa Manicure Spa manicures are a special treat that include: Shaping, Excess Cuticle Removal, Skin Exfoliation, Paraffin Treatment and Expert Polishing for a long lasting finish. $31
Pedicure Our new pedicure lounge was created to help you sit back and relax. Pedicures include: Shaping, Excess Callus Removal and Smoothing, Exfoliating, Moisturizing and Expert Polishing for a lasting finish. $37-$39
Spa Pedicure Our new pedicure lounge was designed with serenity in mind. Sit back in our new heated massage chairs and let our expert nail technicians transform your tired feet. Pedicures include: Shaping, Exfoliating, Paraffin Treatment, Personalized Moisturizing, Callus Needs and Expert Polishing $57-$59
Acrylic and Gel Pink and White Full Set Take a French manicure to the next level with the durability of Acrylic and Gel services. $70-$75
Full Set Acrylic and Gel $60-$65
Acrylic and Gel Fills $35-$37
Repair $7
Gel or Acrylic Fill w/Shellac $50
Shellac Change Remove old shellac, shape nail & reapply shellac. This service typically alternates with our Shellec manicure. $27
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Our nail artists are the best in Brookfield. They have years of experience. Stop in for a relaxing manicure and pedicure and leave feeling rejuvenated. Your nails will never look better!