Facials and Body Waxing
Service Cost
Facial Relax for a hour during our 4 layer facial using Repechage skin care products. $75
Brow Wax $18-$20
Lip Wax $12-$15
Chin Wax $15
Combo: Lip, Chin and Brow Wax $38
Brazillian Wax This includes all of the hair in the pubic area, everything in the front, and the hair between the buttocks. You can modify this to leave some hair behind. $55
Bikini Wax The basic areas along each side of the bikini area and just above are waxed. $40
1/2 Leg Wax $35
Under Arm Wax $25
Back Wax $32
Neck Wax $18
Hand Facial $15
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Aesthetician, Tricia Zarling

Our menu of body waxing and 4 layer facial services will help you hit the pool, beach or anywhere feeling beautiful!